Barb coaches each class with knowledge and enthusiasm that is unparalleled. She has the ability to tap into each person’s inner athlete and changes them from the inside out. No.One.Better. Whether it’s spin or boot camp, DON’T MISS the opportunity to try her classes!!! Susie

I’m 52 years old and, thanks to Barb, I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m stronger and feel better than ever before. As someone who has always enjoyed playing sports, I now enjoy working out – whether spinning or fitness and conditioning classes with Barb – in a new, sustained and exciting way. I feel great and it’s changed other parts of my life all for the better. I love the content of the classes, how Barb leads them and the community she’s created. Quite simply, she’s the best. Dan

Fit House and Barb Vinciguerra have changed my life. I always thought I was “working out” until I found Barb. Her spin classes and Fit House strength and conditioning classes have taken me to a new level of exercise and personal physical fitness. She has changed my life, my body and my way of thinking about food and exercise. She motivates you in class and sends you texts and emails to encourage you, to make you think, to make you be mindful and appreciate what you have accomplished. Her classes are full of nice, supportive people. It doesn’t matter if you are new or come all the time- there is always a friendly face and someone who wants to have fun and work out with you.
A great day starts with Barb!


In December 2014, I saw a groupon for Fithouse New York for bootcamp classes. It was something my daughter and I always wanted to try. So I bought one for myself and my daughter for Christmas. In January 2015, we took our first class with Barbara Vinciguerra. After just one class we were hooked. We have been taking classes ever since. You will not meet a more compassionate, dedicated, motivated hard working trainer than Barbara. She loves what she does and cares about each and every client who takes her classes. She keeps you motivated each and every week as she switches up classes weekly. Barbara has also added awesome exclusive spin to her program which is also amazing. I would highly recommend Fithouse New York for an awesome fitness experience! Lisa and Brittany

Barbara is the most incredibly inspiring spin and conditioning teacher who loves what she does! She is so motivational and in her special way, makes all of her workouts so enjoyable and yet so challenging and vastly rewarding for me!
For years I had felt sluggish and knew that I needed to change what and how I eat; I just didn’t know how. Since being a part of Barbara’s various eating/health/diet programs, my body and mind truly feel so much healthier and stronger from the inside


For the 3 weeks I was on Barb’s 21 day healthy meal plan I felt I had so much more energy than before I started the plan. Being a vegetarian I thought I was eating everything nutritious but realized I was not. Barb’s recipes taught me how the simplest, common ingredients can be transformed into delicious meals. My daughter who is also a vegetarian was able to enjoy the meals with me. Carine

I have been working with Barbara for over 2 years now. I started just spinning with her, but quickly that became more. In her old space I began attending her amazing structured boot camps. Quickly I became addicted not only to Barbara’s classes but the atmosphere of all working together to get fit. I am in the best shape I have been in awhile especially since I have two reconstructed shoulders and an ACL repair. My doctor recently told me how fit I was and that I had done everything possible to get my shoulder strengthened. That is thanks to the strengthening classes!

Barbara’s strength and pushing us keeps me motivated. “Rely on yourself” is one of my mantras and came straight from class. She even said “we are all at Fit House for different reasons” and I do believe that but the experience has added greatly to my life. Thank you!


What can I say? Being a part of Barbara and her Fit House family is truly a special thing! She’s motivates and encourages me like no other.
I’ve been training with Barbara for over 3 years and I’ve noticed a huge change in my looks, confidence, strength, skin, energy level and overall well being.
Being mother of 5 kids has been a bit of a challenge, but I knew deep down there was a way to get and stay fit for good! Barbara makes this a very attainable goal. I look forward to every class that I take and every recipe that I make.
People approach me now and ask me what do I do to stay fit and looking healthy, which makes me smile 🙂
I always tell them that it’s all because of Fit House and Barbara Vinciguerra.
At age 53, I have never felt or looked better in my life. I plan on sticking with her and Fit House for a long time! There is truly nothing like it and I’m happy and proud to be a part of it all. It’s a special place!


I have been active my whole life. I gone to big gyms, boutique gyms and everything in-between. FitHouse is by far my favorite. I call it my happy place. It doesn’t matter if you are fit or not. It is an inclusive environment where anyone can thrive. Barb truly is the best! I love the workouts and look forward to them every time. I have never had so many compliments on my arms and shoulders. It truly is a great place to workout. Jackie

I have been taking Spin and Fitness classes with Barb for many years you will receive the best work-out you could ever experience. She is professional, an expert in Physical Fitness, inspirational and motivational. Her classes will challenge you, you will see results, you will have fun and you will want to keep going back for more! Karen

Fit House indoor cycling classes are by far the best I’ve ever taken because of the great bikes, awesome software platform and, of course, Barb! It’s the best of both worlds — like having a high end technical trainer in your home, but with the fun and extra motivation of a class.

The workouts are designed around “functional threshold power,” the same metric used by serious bikers everywhere. The system maintains a profile for each rider that updates from class to class — and generates real-time, personalized displays during classes — so people of all experience and fitness levels can ride together and inspire each other, and still get totally individualized workouts.
Barb is a great instructor — motivating, inspiring and challenging, always in the most positive way. She seems to know what each of her clients needs from her classes and is somehow able to give them exactly that.

No matter your fitness level, you will find a place at Fit House. Barb takes her fitness and her clients seriously. Her boot camp classes are intense, varied and fun. And her unique, color coded Vismo X spinning system allows us to individualize our workouts. Whether on the turf or on the bike, we can track our stats and our improvement.

Working out with Barb and the Fit House community these past two years I have gained energy, strength and friends. Best of all, I actually want to work out!


Exercising with Barb has changed my life, my body and my mind.

I used to go to a gym several days a week: I used weights, the elliptical machines, stair masters and the treadmill where I would stay through one of my favorite episodes on the TV attached to the machine. This exercise regime went on for years, but nothing changed.

My daughter introduced me to spinning with Barb and I was hooked! The my daughter suggested I try barbs boot camp class. Fast forward, more than three years later, I am a devoted 5:45 am participant. I push myself in ways the elliptical never would; I get direction from Barb in ways my TV programs never could. I transformed my body and am leaner and stronger and have more confidence and feel better than I have ever felt in my life.

Barb has the knowledge to create exercises to push you harder than you think you could do; the creativity to always change up the routines to keep you interested and aware;and, the dedication and devotion to make you want to come back over and over again.

Thank you Barb!